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Most games are limited in terms of their musical interactivity. Making meaningful, rich musical interactions can be slow and costly, requiring larger, specialist teams. Reactional Music can be configured to respond to an array of parameters, such as a soundtrack changing in response to user actions, games events, or movement throughout a game. As those parameters are changed by the Developer, the Soundtrack will adapt.


Most game soundtracks are fixed and cannot be changed after release. The Reactional Engine can adapt to new Reactional Tracks, allowing Developers to “re-skin” existing games with new soundtracks, revitalising legacy games.


The process for creating and developing a soundtrack can take time, with music often only being completed very late in a game’s development Portal allows Developers to quickly build a soundtrack from a huge catalogue of pre-existing templates, early on in the process. That soundtrack can then adapt automatically as the game develops.


Very few Developers can commercialise the music that features in their games, with fixed scores, costs and rights agreements.
Reactional Music enables Developers to create new gaming experiences where gamers can customise and ‘re-skin’ their soundtrack with their own commercial music, offering new revenue models for Developers.

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