About Reactional Music

Reactional is a commercial, technical and creative framework for next-generation musical experiences

Location – Remote
Salary – Competitive based on candidate

The first position of its kind at the intersection of music and games.

An inquisitive and open minded person who is amazed by music. You may also be a

This is an exciting position for someone who may have already worked in music supervision in film, television, advertising, games, held a position within an A&R team or worked in a creative role in music.

You will be a free thinker, a creative and passionate believer in new ideas.

You will have a detailed and wide knowledge of all genres of music and a good understanding of building creative and imaginative commercial partnerships and opportunities for music creators.

You will have great relationships with managers, labels and publishers and be familiar with parts of music business law and its workings.

You may be a gamer. You will be interested in the opportunities for music and its relationship with different visual, creative and immersive technologies.

You will also understand how to bring artists together through their work and be someone who is looking to drive the development and use of music and sound in the emerging interactive platforms of tomorrow.
You will have an imagination to create something new and special between music creators and games creators.

Who we are

Reactional Music is changing the way we experience and interact with music in games; the way music is used, enjoyed, created and shared by game developers, gamers, artists and rights holders.

We do this by enabling any song or music to be generated in real-time around the user.

This is not streaming or passive sync. Reactional Music’s Engine reacts to every movement in the game, making the music an integral part of the game and opening a new era in music personalisation in games.

To be a little more technical, Reactional is a rules based music engine and delivery platform that connects the music and games industries commercially and creatively.

Reactional allows for music to be modulated and procedurally created note by note in real time. It is directly controlled by game events, or used to control the game itself. Reactional does this with a super simple API. We do not change the master.

Reactional’s platform opens up music personalisation, in-game purchase and a faster and more efficient method to create and prototype music for games developers.

Reactional Music unlocks music’s value in games with access to worldwide rights cleared music and a new era for creation, collaboration, partnerships and opportunity. For music rights holders it enables music to become an in-game purchase and choice for the first time. Rights cleared music is curated and delivered to both B2B and B2C audiences, initially to games developers and then directly to gamers via the Reactional platform.

Our team is from music and games, bringing some of the world’s leading games to global audiences over the last three decades.


You will be responsible for music curation and supervision on the Reactional platform working with games developers, music artists and right holders.

You will understand how to develop projects and how to make music work in different creative and entertainment contexts and experiences. But also as this is an entirely new way of creating, sharing and enjoying music, you will also want to make the role your own.

You will also be involved in the creative development of managing music catalogue on the Reactional platform for rights holders.

You will work with artists on creating new music and sounds for the platform and for individual games. This will also include the development of new types of audio gaming products that will be available on the Reactional platform.

For the most part, this is also an entirely new platform and revenue stream for music companies and games companies. An opportunity to be at the beginning of something entirely new.


Send your application to jobs@reactionalmusic.com to apply for this position.

The technology

The Reactional Engine – Created by research and collaboration by musicians, composers and software developers

Jesper NordinThe Reactional Music technology was first invented by internationally acclaimed classical composer Jesper Nordin. 

His music is regularly performed by major conductors like Esa-Pekka Salonen and Kent Nagano, with world leading orchestras including the San Francisco Symphony and the Philharmonia Orchestra. 

After studies in computer music at Stanford University and Ircam/Centre Pompidou he invented the first version of the Reactional technology for his own compositional needs. After continued research in interactive music and by collaborating with a team of other composers, coders and video game composers, all with University degrees in composition, Reactional’s patented technology is now ready for prime time.

people in the reactional music team

Kelly SumnerKelly Sumner, Chairman. Former CEO of Take Two Interactive, Red Octane (Guitar Hero) Former Chairman Mediatonic (Fall Guys).

David KnoxDavid Knox, President. Held senior executive roles at Electronic Arts.

Simon HarveySimon Harvey, Chief Marketing Officer. Multiple leading games franchise introductions.

Jonas KjellbergJonas Kjellberg, Chief Product Officer. Games music composer.

people in the reactional music team
Patrik SventeliusPatrik Sventelius, Board Member. Former CEO at Sony/ATV Music.
Jacob DeshayesJacob Deshayes, Chief Content Officer. Senior Spotify leadership.
Pär Gunnars Risberg CEO profile picturePär Gunnars Risberg, Managing Director. Tech entrepreneur with vision to product to exit.
Luke RitchieLuke Ritchie, Head of Partnership. Extensive background in music and tech.