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The easiest, most advanced music system in the world


Interactive music in moments


Generate new revenue stream from music


Build with great music and cutting-edge interactivity


Increase productivity & reduce costs

Integrate music in moments

Use top-tier music and advanced musical interactivity in just a few steps. Browse and test millions of licensed tracks and pre-composed themes for free – or upload your own music.

Content pricing for game launch is transparent from day one, so you can easily stay on budget.

Experience the ease of bringing exceptional music to your game from first prototype.

Download free Unity and Unreal plugins and get started with our template game projects in minutes. Also integrates with FMOD and WWISE.

Build your game with great music and cutting-edge interactivity

Reactional facilitates rapid creative development, enabling the hot-swapping of tracks while maintaining cutting-edge interactivity. Say goodbye to hard-coded audio with Reactional Themes, allowing developers and composers to create real-time adaptive music.

Gamers can become musicians, playing along and expressing themselves through music, and re-skin their favourite characters and games with their preferred tracks.

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Generate new revenue stream from music in your games

Let gamers personalise your game with their own music, creating new revenue streams. Access curated playlists from a growing catalogue of record labels.

First, create your game’s soundtrack with licence-cleared music and transparent pricing. Then, offer additional song packs and playlists as in-game purchases, turning music from a cost into a revenue source. 

Make tracks available at zero upfront cost, with in-game revenue shared between developers, music rights-holders, and Reactional. Gamers can purchase music exclusively for their individual game.

Increase productivity & reduce costs

Scalable, streamlined, cost-efficient workflow.

  • Eliminate the need for thousands of loops by creating real-time adaptive themes available in endless variations.
  • High quality licence-cleared music ready for purchase.


Millions of rights cleared tracks and interactive music ready for your game

Choose your music

Pick and choose from an extensive library of commercial and production music.

  • Millions of tracks.
  • Interactive themes.

Map music to game events

  • Customize theme.
  • All music is pre-rigged with data easily mapped to game parameters.
  • Test and prototype for free.

Output and publish

  • Finalize soundtrack curation.
  • Purchase music rights.
  • Output to any game audio system.

Easy integration across platforms

compatibility logos, unity, fmod, unreal, wwise, ios, android etc

Browse music, prototype and deploy your next game project