Garden of the Sea joins PlayStation VR2 launch line-up – Reactional Music Engine drives music and sound

February 15, 2023

Garden of the Sea, the gardening sim game developed by Neat Corporation with Reactional Music, has been confirmed by Sony as a PlayStation VR2 launch title.

In Garden of the Sea the player explores their creativity, going on relaxing adventures discovering the different environments. Decorate your home, go fishing in your boat, pet and feed the animals and see your plants grow.

Music adjusting to gameplay in real-time

The game uses the Reactional Music Engine for music and sounds. Garden of the Sea is in fact the first game in the world implementing it. Much of the soundtrack is generated and performed live in the game using software instruments.

When the player performs certain actions they are also directly controlling and playing an instrument. The game plays musical tracks in different tonalities and seamlessly adjusts depending on the context in the game, and also to create a kind of musical puzzle, among other things.

PlayStation VR2 launches on February 22nd 2023.

Read more about Garden of the Sea for PlayStation VR2 on the PlayStation blog.

Garden of the Sea has also been released on PC VR and Quest 2 in 2022.

What is Reactional Music?

With Reactional your favourite music can now be a part of gameplay, reacting to your actions and movements in your game or interactive experience, creating new levels of personalisation and self expression.

Every time you play, Reactional makes music unique to you and your gameplay.

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