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Reactional Music to Bring Interactive Music to the Global Games Market

May 17, 2021

Together with industry leaders, including Kelly Sumner, former CEO of Take 2 Interactive (Grand Theft Auto), CEO of Red Octane (Guitar Hero) and Chairman of MediaTonic (Fall Guys), Gestrument has launched Reactional Music Limited to unlock music’s value in the global games business.

Reactional Music Logo

Reactional Music ( will transform the relationship between music and games, changing the way it is used, enjoyed, created and shared by games developers, gamers and music rights holders.

Gestrument’s Reactional Engine, enables music to be personalised in-game and generated in real time, note by note as an in-game purchase, giving gamers live in-game choice.

Reactional Music works with and is complementary to existing music tools and middleware in game development. It presents innovative new ways for music and games to collaborate and work together.

Parent company Gestrument AB will continue to deliver interactive tools and services for the live scene, interactive music applications and other markets; Reactional Music Limited will deliver the Reactional Music platform to all gaming platforms worldwide.

Read more about the team on the About page.

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