Reactional. The rule-based music engine for games.


Create dynamic, interactive games soundtracks and enable music personalisation for gamers.
Realtime note-by-note music generation.

Connecting music and games creatively and commercially

Reactional opens up music personalisation, in-game purchase and a faster and more efficient method to create and prototype music for games developers. Reactional provides note-by-note music generation. It can work with Unity, Unreal, FMOD and WWISE.

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Reactional can transform music and sound in games. Reactional increases options and creativity for music composition, generating game soundtracks in an entirely new way, enabling more innovative music and sound integration. Reactional allows any music to be brought into a game and the entire game – visuals, music and sounds – to react live to that music, something that has not been possible before.


Reactional is changing the way music and sound is used, enjoyed, created and shared by game developers, gamers, artists and rights holders

Patented technology

The patented Reactional Music Engine allows music to be generated in game and react entirely to the gamer and the gameplay or vice versa.

Better workflow

Reactional can take any library of music, integrate it into its engine and allow games developers to set parameters, meaning all music can react to all gameplay. Reactional enables easier prototyping of music and sound, reduces manual work and keeps the developer in control.

Commercial opportunities

Reactional Engine opens up a new commercial era for music rights holders and gaming.

Personalised game experience

The Reactional Engine allows music to be moved in and out of games by the gamer, as music fans personalise their gaming experience to their favourite tunes or artists.

Music is the great untapped part of video games

Seamless consumption of virtual audio goods as a new feature in gaming as gamers personalise their gaming experience and persona or character = a new source of revenue for music rights holders.

New commercial eco-system for rights holders, composers and artists with realtime music and rights tracking and reporting. Reactional enables rights cleared music from any artist, genre, mood and language.

Reactional creates a new channel for promotional work and exposure for artists and catalogue.

Increase options and creativity for music composition and generate soundtracks in an entirely new way.

Gamers want to personalise their experience. They want to increase emotion and increase choice in music and sound. Reactional allows gamers true customisation in their game soundtrack while maintaining the feel of the game.

Beta-testing is now available for selected game studios

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Reactional is also a searchable music delivery and music consumption platform with globally-licensed rights-cleared music, ranging across all genres from popular commercial music to top-tier production music catalogues.
Developers can also use their own licensed music, bespoke compositions and recorded music with the Reactional platform.


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