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Reach an audience of 3bn gamers


New revenue stream for music


Master recordings stay unmodified


Make your music available for purchase by game studios and gamers


Manage your catalogue easily via DDEX

Your music catalogue connected to game studios and gamers

Game developers have vast audiences who are passionate about music and spend significantly on it.

Connect to 3 billion gamers by bringing them the music they love.

Open up partnerships between your artists and games across genres, demographics, and regions. You can reach broader audiences, generate new revenue streams, and create innovative campaigns that enhance engagement and revenue.

Generate new revenue stream for music

Reactional lets gamers personalise their game with their own music, creating new revenue streams for game studios and music rights holders. 

Make tracks available to game developers for use as an original soundtrack, or as an in-game purchase for gamers.

reactional music tool for music in games screenshot on laptop

Unleash music on the $187bn games market 

Unlock music’s potential on scale throughout the global games market worth $187 billion. A staggering $130 billion of this revenue is represented by in-game purchases but less than 0.1% of that currently comes from music.

Use our scalable system to introduce your music for gamer personalization. Our proprietary technology enables developers to create games accessing millions of swappable tracks. Even moderately successful games boast 10+ million monthly active users. If just 1% of these users purchase music, it would surpass streaming revenue without cannibalising that market.

Master recordings stay unmodified

Being overlaid with a Reactional Theme, recorded tracks can now be dropped in to interactive gameplay without needing modification.

Generative musical layers adapt in real-time to game parameters for an immersive experience. Reactional Tracks contain additional meta data added automatically in order for the Theme to adopt musically.

All licensed music is encrypted and protected within the games.

Connect your music catalogue to game studios and gamers

Upload your catalogue

  • Test ingestion and take-down
  • Upload your music catalogue
  • Manage directly via DDEX 

Get discovered

You music made available for purchase

  • Original soundtracks purchased by game studios
  • Tracks purchased by gamers in-app

New revenue

  • Recieve rev-share from sold tracks

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