Re-imagine composition


Compose for interactive applications


Add interactivity to your compositions


Make your music available to game studios


New revenue stream for your music

Reimagining composition & live performance in games

While lighting and physics adapt in real-time, music has remained hard-coded and usually confined to loops. Reactional’s proprietary format, the Theme, allows generative music to adapt in real-time to any game parameter.

Compose for interactive applications

Create cutting-edge musical interactivity, allowing your music to come to life in real-time in gameplay. Bring your DAW project into Reactional Composer and easily add interactivity. 

reactional composer tool

New revenue stream for your music

Craft and sell various Reactional Themes, ranging from stinger packs to full soundtracks, adaptable in real-time based on gamer events.

We champion music by humans – not AI

Reactional Music was created by musicians for musicians, championing human creativity over AI generative music. We use AI to assist our engine in understanding music, from our audio analysis pipeline to our AI natural language search, ensuring that the artistry remains in human hands while enhancing the interactive experience.

Create interactive music and get discovered by game studios

Get Reactional Composer

  • Request Composer invite 
  • Download Reactional Composer to your computer 

Create your interactive compositions

  • Import your DAW file
  • Create interactive macros 

Output and publish

  • Add artwork, tags and description
  • Upload to Reactional cloud
  • Get discovered by game studios

Import your Reaper project into Reactional Composer

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