We know that music brings people together. It speaks to every language and culture. It has the unique power to connect people.

Reactional is changing the way we can all experience, interact with and enjoy music and sound in games.

Visuals in games are rules based. Music is loop based and hard coded. For the first time music can now be rendered in real time.

Reactional is a rules based music engine and delivery platform that connects the music and games industries commercially and creatively, allowing any music to be brought into a game and the entire game’s visuals, music and sound to react live to that music.

Reactional’s platform opens up a new era of music personalisation, in-game purchase and a faster and more efficient method to create and prototype music for games developers, increasing music choice and ease of use for everyone.


What we each listen to is our very own personal soundtrack. We identify with music above all else. In sharing it and enjoying it we say so much about who we are as a person.

With Reactional your favourite music can now be a part of gameplay, reacting to your actions and movements in your game or interactive experience, creating new levels of personalisation and self expression.

Reactional is providing the gateway for a new era, enabling everyone to enjoy music personalisation. The world’s 2.7 billion gamers can now personalise their experience with the music and sounds they love.

We can also share our favourite music, discover new music and artists and create and share ideas and sounds as personalisation of games transitions into a new time.

And for the world’s developers and creators, access to worldwide rights cleared music, access to artists and music from songwriters and composers introduces a new era for creation, collaboration, partnerships and opportunity for creators, developers, artists, rights holders and gamers.

Every time you play, Reactional makes music and sound unique to you and your game play.

So, welcome to Reactional – a music personalisation company.