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Reactional Engine

Reactional Music is a new technology that enables interactive music playback in games and other applications. This interactive music is driven by the Reactional Engine, which can understand music and play it back live in realtime. The Engine is able to play back a pre-composed soundtrack to a game, but also to improvise and adapt to changing parameters. The range of changeable parameters can be extremely broad, from a player’s actions to the changing state of a game, or the introduction of gamer personalised music to a pre-existing soundtrack.

Available on the Reactional Platform.

reactional platform, music in games tool

Reactional Platform

Reactional’s Platform is a searchable music delivery platform with millions of globally-licensed rights-cleared Tracks from top-tier production catalogues and commercial record labels. Developers can also use their own licensed music, bespoke compositions and recorded music.

It allows Developers to also browse and preview Reactional Interactive Themes (interactive compositions) before quickly downloading music into their game, integrated via the Engine and configurable via a simple API.

interactive music composition tool

Reactional Composer

Reactional’s Composer tool is a desktop application for creating interactive compositions, which we call Reactional Themes. Designed for Composers and Audio Teams, it allows them to create rich, interactive scores that can adapt in realtime within a game.