Artists and Music Rights Holders

Connecting the music artist, creator and music rights holder with games

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Music personalisation for 3 billion gamers

Reactional is the first rule-based music engine and music delivery platform. It enables any music to be brought into a game and the entire game’s visuals, music and sound will react live to that music. In key, pitch and time.

Reactional allows all music to be fully curated by the games developer and the music artist and rights holder. Full Tracks, Flares, Musimotes and even full soundtracks can be curated for different games, moments, worlds, moods, emotions or whatever the creative process needs.

With Reactional gamers can personalise their personas and gameplay with their favourite music – in the same way they do with ‘skins’ and other in-game purchases.

Reactional’s platform enables rights holders and music artists to become a part of games in more deeply related and meaningful ways. Reactional’s platform gives music a place and context and the opportunity to put music personalisation into the hands of the world’s three billion gamers.

This is the first time this has been possible at scale.

Music personalisation in-game

Music personalisation leads to new creative and commercial partnerships between games developers, rights holders and music artists.

Games are a great music discovery platform for new, emerging and established artists and creators.

At the heart of Reactional is the engine. It can understand the music it’s playing back, and can improvise and perform live in realtime in-game, meaning the game soundtrack immediately recognises any recorded track.

Music Rights secured directly by Reactional opens a business model and delivery platform tailored for all global games platforms and services.

Reactional does not edit or change the master recording or audio. 100 per cent new revenue streams and a new music consumption, discovery and sharing platform.

Flares, MusiMotes and Full Tracks

Reactional gives the developer of a game the option to allow the gamer to personalise their sound track: full recorded tracks, Reactional Flares (0-5 second section of a track), Reactional MusiMotes (5-20 second section of a track) or full sound tracks can be used to personalise the sound and music within a game.

It’s all about adding to the gamer’s immersive gaming experience.

It is the next generation of musical experiences, music delivery and music consumption.

Music is the great untapped part of video games

Seamless consumption of virtual audio goods as a new feature in gaming as gamers personalise their gaming experience and persona or character = a new source of revenue for music rights holders.

New commercial eco-system for rights holders, composers and artists with realtime music and rights tracking and reporting. Reactional enables rights cleared music from any artist, genre, mood and language.

Reactional creates a new channel for promotional work and exposure for artists and catalogue.

Increase options and creativity for music composition and generate soundtracks in an entirely new way.

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