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Note by note generative audio


Interactive music in moments


Reimagining composition for games


Streamlined workflow


Test & prototype for free

Cutting-edge interactive music in moments

Hot-swap tracks while maintaining cutting-edge interactivity.

Browse our catalogue of millions of tracks or import your own music. Our AI audio analysis pipeline ensures our engine comprehends key elements of the music like key, tempo, section, and instrumentation.

Move beyond hard-coded audio with Reactional Themes, enabling developers and composers to create real-time adaptive music. Gamers can become musicians, playing along and expressing themselves, and re-skin their favourite characters and games with their chosen music.

Streamlined Workflow – get integrated in minutes

Seamless integration of top-tier music and advanced interactivity in just a few steps.

Browse tracks and pre-composed themes with transparent pricing, and download the Reactional Engine plugin for Unity or Unreal.

Integrate effortlessly with FMOD and WWISE. Enhance your game’s music and interactivity from the prototype stage by using our template game projects or creating your own interactive themes from your DAW. Experience the ease of bringing exceptional music to your game.

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Reimagining composition & live performance in games

While lighting and physics adapt in real-time, music has remained hard-coded and usually confined to loops.

Reactional’s proprietary format, the Theme, allows generative music to adapt in real-time to any game parameter. Experience cutting-edge musical interactivity, turning any input into a musical instrument.

As platforms like Fortnite and Roblox introduce music to gaming audiences, Reactional empowers gamers to become musicians, enabling them to improvise and play along. Reactional Composer, our desktop application, lets composers and audio teams create their own interactive music. 

Reduce development costs

Enhance musical creativity and streamline workflow efficiency. Larger audio teams can reduce workloads by creating real-time adaptive themes, eliminating the need for thousands of loops. Indie developers can craft rich, interactive soundtracks without dedicated audio teams.

Create cutting-edge musical interactivity comparable to top musical games like Metal: Hellslinger, Tetris Effect and Beat Saber at a fraction of the cost. Reactional’s scalable workflow for music interactivity significantly reduces development costs.

Millions of rights cleared tracks and interactive music ready for your game

Choose your music

Pick and choose from an extensive library of commercial and production music.

  • Millions of tracks.
  • Interactive themes.

Map music to game events

  • Customize theme.
  • All music is pre-rigged with data easily mapped to game parameters.
  • Test and prototype for free.

Output and publish

  • Finalize soundtrack curation.
  • Purchase music rights.
  • Output to any game audio system.

Easy integration across platforms

compatibility logos, unity, fmod, unreal, wwise, ios, android etc

Browse music, prototype and deploy your next game project