Respecting the rights of our content partners is deeply rooted in Reactional’s core values. That commitment includes enabling rights holders to maintain full control of their content available on our services. For this reason, Reactional does not act as an intermediary when it comes to take-downs, updates or even ingestion. This allows for immediate and direct access to your area on our back-end service.

Inserts, Updates and Takedowns are all tested as part of the QA process with our music aggregator service provider to ensure that they are formatted correctly before full catalog ingestion. This way no content is ingested without the appropriate provider also having the ability to take it down or update it themselves.

This approach furthermore mitigates the risk of someone unauthorized making Reactional take down your content by email or other ways of communication.


How to edit or delete data in your music catalogue

All takedowns are sent via the supply chain, using the Action “DELETE” in the xml specs or “TAKEDOWN” in the Excel specs. Anyone using DDEX should refer to the DDEX standards.

These specs are available under NDA after signing our label agreement.


Need more help?

Of course we provide full support in these matters when needed. Please contact musicsupervisor@reactionalmusic.com for any related inquires.