Adventure Box Users will be able to Create Adaptive Music with Reactional Music

April 9, 2021

Adventure Box and Reactional Music (previously Gestrument AB) begin a collaboration to enable Adventure Box game creators to easily make and use adaptive music in the computer games and audiovisual experiences they create.

The Swedish music technology company Reactional Music offers a revolutionary approach to how people interact with music. Founded by internationally acclaimed composer Jesper Nordin, Reactional Music provides technology that lets users create music based on abstract rules.

With its technology, Reactional Music can, for example, use game parameters to drive real-time generated music completely in sync with the narrative and actions of the game itself.

Adventure Box, the leading social cloud platform for consumer-created computer games, makes it easy and fun to create, share and play 3D games online.

Now Reactional Music will be able to offer Adventure Box game creators the opportunity to easily weave in adaptive music that adapts to the development in the action in their computer games.

– The match between Adventure Box and Reactional Music is absolutely perfect, both in terms of what we want to achieve and how we implement it technically. Reactional’s music solution is based on the same efficient server-client thinking as our 3D solution and offers a completely natural, easy-to-use and important extension of our users’ freedom of creative expression, says Christopher Kingdon, CEO of Adventure Box. Reactional Music simply make our games more fun and exciting.

– Adventure Box’s platform is a perfect application for our music solution. Together, we make it possible for all their users to create completely new kinds of experiences, experiences that can be spread very quickly because everything runs directly in the browser, says Jesper Nordin, founder of Reactional Music.


Christopher Kingdon, CEO Adventure Box, +46 (0)73 051 1414,,

Pär Gunnars Risberg, Managing Director Reactional Music, +46 70-578 20 91,

About Adventure Box Technology AB

Adventure Box, the leading social cloud gaming platform for user-created games, makes it easy and fun to make, share and play 3D games online. The company’s world-leading streaming technology is patent protected. Founded in Stockholm 2014, the company also has staff in Paris, Seville, Malta, Cobenhaben, and Kerala (India). Adventure Box is traded at Nasdaq First North Growth Market under the short name ADVBOX and ISIN code SE0012955276.

About Reactional Music

Reactional Music is a Sweden/UK based music-tech company changing the way people interact with music. The patented technology allows a composer, hobby musician or any music consumer to interact within the rules of music in many different ways – in concert as a digital instrument, as an interactive layer on top of recorded music, in games to reflect the game actions or in other interactive music applications. Founded by world acknowledged composer Jesper Nordin, Reactional Music is led by experts within music rights, games, music composition and the culture sector, ready to revolutionise music as we know it.

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