Avicii Experience visitors can play a Reactional version of ‘Hey Brother’ – music generated in real-time using motion sensors

March 2, 2022

Reactional Music is powering a new generative music version of Hey Brother at the interactive Avicii Experience exhibition which has opened at Space in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Avicii Experience is an immersive tribute museum, honouring one of the true icons of modern popular culture, Tim ’Avicii’ Bergling. The exhibition gives fans and audiences a closer look at the life of the artist Avicii and the person, Tim Bergling.

The exhibition enables fans to learn, interact and explore as they move through the life and career of one of the most loved artists of all time. The immersive aspect of the Avicii Experience is especially apt since the two main passions of Tim Bergling in his life was music and video games.

About the Reactional Music powered version of Hey Brother at the Avicii experience

At the Avicii Experience, Reactional Music lets visitors riff live on instruments controlled by a motion sensor, playing along live with Avicii’s Hey Brother.A camera monitors hand movements and the application generates piano music note-by-note in perfect synch with the recorded music.

The music reacts to where the hands are and how they move. More movements trigger notes more intensely. If your hand moves up, so does the pitch, if it moves down, lower notes will be played. All the time in perfect synch and harmony with the song.

Jesper Nordin, the classical composer, who is one of the founders of Reactional Music and the inventor of the Reactional Engine, said:

“It is a thrill to be part of the Avicii Experience and enable fans from all over the world to interact with Avicii’s music and ideas in new and creative ways. I believe that if you empower someone with intuitive ways of interaction it can lead to them becoming more deeply engaged in their own personal musical experience, possibly also lowering the threshold to expressing yourself in music and thereby having more people learn more about both digital and traditional instruments.”

Technology for interactive music creation

The Reactional Engine can generate music live based on a predefined set of rules.

The musical DNA, such as rhythmic patterns, scales and chord progressions are composed in advance, but generated live based on interactive input in combination with the predefined track attributes, much in the same way as visuals in video games work with shaders and physics engines.

Reactional Music adds new generative music based on these rules, adding the possibility to playfully interact with any song, always in tune.

Interactivity in focus at the Avicii Experience

The producers highlight the importance of including all visitors in the actual musical and creative experience. Visitors are encouraged to explore and interact with Tim’s music through custom-built applications.

Except for our installation with motion sensors to play along with Hey Brother, there are other interactive applications to try out. You can for example make your own mix of “Levels” and play around with different sounds and effects on a touchscreen with headphones, or the VR karaoke where visitors can go into a “vocal booth”, put on a headset and “meet” Tim’s co-producers and musicians in a studio, in a fun karaoke experience.

Read more about Avicii Experience at

Avicii Experience in Media: 

“First to try the Avicii Experience” on Youtube (at 5:28, have a look at our installation):

What is Reactional Music?

The patented Reactional Music Engine allows music to be generated in real-time, creating new forms of entertainment experiences around music and sound. As well as being used at the Avicii Experience it is impacting the world of video games, enabling music to react entirely to the gamer and the gameplay and enabling music and sound personalisation in game.

The Reactional Engine opens up a new commercial era for music rights holders and artists to create truly interactive real-time experiences as well as enabling the development of truly interactive real-time music and music personalisation.

Reactional Music is currently working with games development teams on pilot projects ahead of a full product and platform launch in early 2023.

Reactional Music will deliver full commercial Music Tracks along with Musimotes and Flares for use by developers and gamers across the world on all games platforms. Reactional has already secured a number of music catalogues from artists and music rights holders and is working with music rights holders, artists, composers and games developers.

For more information contact:

Simon Harvey, PR Contact

David Knox, CEO

Felicia Grundel, Marketing

Jesper Nordin, Founder

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