Epic Games Media and Entertainment Head Takes Role at Reactional Music

February 8, 2024

Ben Lumsden to drive Reactional Music’s creative and commercial integration with Unreal Engine, MetaSounds for Unreal Engine and Unreal Engine for Fortnite

Reactional is leading the next generation of music technology and delivery with generative composable music, music personalisation, music delivery and co-creation

Stockholm, Sweden: 08:00 Thursday 8th February 2024/…Reactional Music, the music personalisation engine and delivery platform that connects the worlds of music and games for developers, music artists, creators and gamers, today confirmed that Ben Lumsden has joined Reactional Music. He joins Reactional following six years at Epic Games where he headed up Epic’s work in European media and entertainment.

Ben will drive Reactional’s work with Unreal Engine, MetaSounds for Unreal and Unreal Engine for Fortnite, working with customers and partners and developing creative partnerships in music, games and creator worlds.

Reactional’s generative music engine and music delivery platform is driving next-generation musical experiences in gaming and creator worlds, connecting music and games creatively, commercially and technically. It enables music personalisation and music as in-game purchase, as well as interactive co-creation of music.

Ben has spent his career at the intersection of creativity and technology in media and entertainment. He has extensive experience and background creatively and commercially in the games, film and television industries. Prior to joining the Reactional team, Ben spent the last six years leading the European film and TV team at Epic Games. This included projects like Barbie, House of the Dragons, Match of the Day, 1899 and Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget.

Prior to Epic, Ben worked in virtual production on films and games such as District 9, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Godzilla, and Star Citizen.

Ben is also a composer and has scored a number of feature films.

“Music and creativity needs great tech and creative minds to enable the new generation of music delivery, consumption and creation. The consumer is more sophisticated, more creative and they spend more time in digital worlds. Music and audio has such an important role to play in the new era of gaming and creator worlds as consumption habits change to become part of these digital worlds,” said Lumsden.

“Reactional Music’s platform is an essential part of the next generation of music and it is really exciting to join the team as we bring the Unreal Engine product to developers and creators.”

About Reactional Music

Reactional Music is changing the way we can experience, interact with, create, share and enjoy music in games and creator worlds. Reactional is a commercial, technical and creative framework for next-generation musical experiences and connects music and games creatively and commercially.

Reactional Music is a rule-based music engine that enables generative composable music. Music can be modulated and procedurally created note by note in real time.

Reactional is also a global music delivery platform that is device, service and system agnostic, enabling scalable platforms and services for B2B and B2C markets.

As the world’s first rule-based music engine and music delivery platform Reactional connects music and games commercially and creatively; it opens up music personalisation, in-game purchase and a faster and more efficient method to create and prototype music for developers.

Reactional allows any music to be brought into a game and the entire game’s visuals, music and sound to react live to that music. This is something that has not been possible before. For gamers your favourite music can now be a part of gameplay, reacting to your actions and movements, creating new levels of personalisation and self expression.

For games developers, publishers, music rights holders, artists and creators it unlocks music’s value with three billion gamers.

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