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Gestrument AB changes its legal name to Reactional Music Group AB

March 23, 2022

Stockholm, March 23, 2022.

The legal name of the company Gestrument AB, was today officially changed to Reactional Music Group AB.

“We believe the new name is a better fit with our offering to the games market, and also it brings us closer to our subsidiary Reactional Music UK Ltd. The goal is to act as one unified brand for interactive music experiences – Reactional Music,” says Pär Gunnars Risberg, Managing Director of Reactional Music Group AB.

The iOS app Gestrument Pro, will keep its name and operate as a stand-alone product.

About Reactional Music

Reactional Music ( will transform the relationship between music and games, changing the way it is used, enjoyed, created and shared by games developers, gamers and music rights holders. The Reactional Engine, enables music to be personalised in-game and generated in real-time, note by note as an in-game purchase, giving gamers live in-game choice. Reactional Music works with and is complementary to existing music tools and middleware in game development. It presents innovative new ways for music and games to collaborate and work together.


Reactional Music Group AB
Pär Gunnars Risberg, VD

Reactional Music UK Ltd
David Knox, CEO

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