MusicBiz 2024 – Reactional Music panels

April 22, 2024

Reactional Music will be at Music Business Association’s MusicBiz 2024 event in Nashville in May.

Reactional President David Knox and Chief Content Officer Jacob Deshayes will be participating in panels looking at the commercial and creative opportunities between music and games.

Join Reactional Music Chief Content Officer, Jacob Deshayes on Thursday 16th May 2024: 

Following Your Audience: New Creative and Commercial Opportunities in Gaming

3:50 PM – 4:30 PM (Local Time) 

Games used to be something to beat or complete. Now they are a place to spend time. Games are already becoming cultural epicenters and destinations for other forms of digital entertainment including music, as Gen Z and younger audiences blend social media, gaming and music consumption in new ways.

The music industry must recognise and understand these changes and shifts in consumption habits, which are all battling for fans’ time and money. Games and digital worlds are at the center of this shift because this is where music fans hang out. Research by MIDiA shows that gamers are more likely to spend money on streaming subscriptions, merch and concert tickets. Enabling music personalisation in games as part of this shift is especially critical, as cosmetic in-game spending is expected to reach 100 billion USD annually by 2029 (MIDiA). 

Up to now, we have barely scratched the surface when it comes to unlocking new revenue streams and audience-building opportunities within games. But things are changing.

In our closing panel, we’ll discuss what the next phase of music and gaming may look like; the creative, commercial and technical challenges that may arise along the way; and what’s driving the changes in consumer habits behind all this.

This panel is part of Changing The Game: Music & Gaming’s Unique Synergies, programmed in conjunction with CrossBorderWorks


  • Vickie Nauman
  • Jacob Deshayes
  • Tatiana Cirisano
  • Nick D’Angiolillo

Join Reactional Music President David Knox on Tuesday 14th May 2024:

10X: How New Markets & Innovation Can Help The Music Industry Grow Tenfold

1:45 PM – 2:25 PM (Local Time) 

The under monetization of music has become a recurring narrative in today’s industry, with economists, technologists, investors and rightsholders excited about its opportunity for growth. Figures from Goldman Sachs state that by 2030, the music industry will be worth $50.1bn annually, whilst commentators in the creative industries point to music’s peers in videogames (estimated at over $340 billion),

TV and film (jointly estimated at over $280 billion) to understand the potential for copyright exploitation. Radical, IP-centric innovation is the answer to closing this gap and fulfilling our potential. The panel will discuss how to propel the industry’s revenues to unprecedented heights, finding new uses for under-exploited copyrights and developing new business models, licensing processes and pricing strategies to present these opportunities to customers. It will also examine the important data engineering groundwork that needs to take place to facilitate this in terms of standards-based, high quality, timely metadata from rightsholders.

This panel is part of Music & Money: Managing Today’s Financial Climate For Tomorrow’s Artist, sponsored by Sound Royalties.


  • Chantal Epp
  • Dae Bogan
  • Chelsea Johnson
  • David Knox

Music Business Association Music Biz 2024
JW Marriot – Nashville
May 13 – 16 2024

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