Technology for making generative music

A truly interactive music engine

The Reactional Engine enables new musical experiences by generating music in real-time based on user interaction.

It provides the musical intelligence required to open up for truly interactive music experiences. There are so many applications where the timing of events are not linear from A to B. Why force the music into that limited dimension? Let your application feature human-composed music that is generated live and evolves in sync with the rest of the experience.

Compatibility at its best

Reactional Music works with and is complementary to existing music tools and middleware in game development. It presents innovative new ways for music and games to collaborate and work together.

Unreal, unity, Web assembly & iOS logos

Tie music parameters to any action

Tie game parameters, hardware sensors, AR tracking, touch interfaces or MIDI directly to musical parameters. The Reactional Engine even enables playable instruments synced up to the rest of your virtual experience.

By getting rid of pre-recorded loops you can get an interactive music experience as tightly synced to your story as the soundtrack of a movie.